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Competent Person
Technical Reports

Eliminate the risks that inaccurate technical assessments pose. Our technical reports are compliant with CRIRSCO codes such as SAMREC, JORC, and NI43-101 for private and multinational listed mining and exploration companies on the JSE, NYSE, LSE, TSX-VE, and ASX.

Due Diligence
and Audits

Existing information isn’t always reliable. Before you invest, let us conduct due diligence investigations. You receive a personalised overview of the project’s integrity and any associated geological risks.

GIS and
Desktop Studies

A geographic information system (GIS) gives you a clear spatial view of your mineral projects. We use GIS to simplify data and offer valuable insights to help with logistics and decision-making.

Exploration Design, Management and Execution

From start to finish, your project is handled with expertise. Through strategic project design, we ensure optimal value is added to your project, keeping the necessary stakeholders satisfied. We specialise in efficient exploration project management, creating and executing cost-effective programmes for both new and existing sites. Our services adhere to industry standards, providing flexible options such as EPC, EPCM, and reimbursable rates.

Mineral Rights

The complexities of mineral rights applications can be successfully handled. We ensure your prospecting and mining rights applications are expertly managed and compliant with the South African Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (2002).

Project and Cost

Avoid unpredictable and time-consuming project management tasks. Our expertise in managing turn-key projects, contracts, and costs for exploration programmes ensures streamlined operations and successful project outcomes.

Exploration Safety

Keep safety as your top priority in every project. We aim for zero harm and provide disciplined management of SHE protocols in compliance with MHSA. Across our history, we’ve maintained a track record of no lost time due to injuries.


Take the proactive approach to ensuring quality in your data collection and sampling. We implement methods and procedures to prevent sub-standard data acquisition. This is a continuous process performed by everyone involved.

Geological Database Management

Be confident your data’s integrity and compliance are upheld. Our transparent processes allow us to deliver top-quality data for your success. Through our partnerships, we provide secure and standardised database management, delivering the highest quality data for mineral development projects.

Geotechnical Logging

Have better insights with a comprehensive overview of your drill cores geological and structural characteristics. We’ve developed a unique skill set for oriented core logging, supporting the design criteria of different mining methods for safe mining.


Visualise your project clearly with our interpretations through 2D and 3D geological modelling. This is the foundation for our Mineral Resources Estimates and conversion to Mineral Reserves, allowing us to select the right factors for accurate results.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Technical Integration

Integrating and aligning technical information requires competence to be successful. We oversee the integration of various technical data and information standards into a practical model, ensuring the successful merging of technical information.


PEAs, Conceptual Level
Mining Studies

Get the support to navigate important agreements. From conceptual stages to feasibility studies, we’ve been involved in critical path investment decision-making processes for both private and publicly traded mining companies. Our experience spans small-scale open-pit mines to multi-billion dollar underground projects.


Mining Services
and Consulting

Simplify resource uncertainty. We merge strong geological and mining expertise with precise Mineral Resources to Reserve conversions. This includes applying suitable mine design and scheduling to generate accurate CAPEX and OPEX estimates and forming sensible inputs for financial evaluations.


Have your mineral resources correctly managed. We take care of all your operation-based geological needs while integrating with mining and other technical services for seamless planning and production. This includes primary quality control, efficient stockpile management, production data management and reporting, reconciliation, and more.


A review and restructure could increase efficiency and effectiveness. Our experience in the entire mine value chain and our innovative approach simplify complex situations and bring meaningful process optimisation results at every step.

Mineral Resource Estimation
and Classification

Know exactly what you’re working with. Our advanced data analytics, geostatistics and modelling techniques assess the geological data and resource model for accurate estimation and reporting. It can be applied to fresh exploration data and operational mines.

Mining Grade Control

Keep control of what matters. As custodians of your mineral resources, we provide ongoing grade control modelling and in-field grade control to maximise economic extraction and reconciliation.



Detect and correct the errors in your data before they pose a risk. Through inspection and testing, we perform routine checks to measure the quality of your data and execute correction measures if needed


Save critical time and minimise repetitive data process tasks by streamlining your geological processes. Data automation standardises your workflow to maximise accuracy and mitigate input errors.

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